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Victory Armoring Solutions Global

Ride in Confidence
Victory Armoring Solutions has recently acquired
Texas Armoring Corporation
Victory Armoring Solutions Global defends your future 
 by offering
confidence and trust
through vehicle armoring.
Vehicle armoring solutions armored car

Armoring Process

VASG offers all levels of ballistic protection for most models and brands of vehicles. Our clients expect a custom engineered process and ballistic certified armor, while still having a final OEM looking vehicle that is low profile. You will receive from Victory Armoring Solutions Global an armored vehicle that you will Ride In Confidence!


Contracting and Purchasing Process

At VASG, we are particularly suited to comprehend all facets of the armored automobile procedure. We've done it all: evaluated risks, determined needs, influenced decision-makers, developed armored vehicle policies for Fortune 500 companies, bought, stored, and used armored vehicles all over the world, and are now producing high quality armored vehicles. We are not simply your provider; we are also your partners in protection.

Contact Us

+504-2544-0183/84 Honduras - Manufacturing Site

+1 561-785-7193 United States - Home Office


Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm ET

Sat: 10am - 4pm ET

Sun: Closed

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